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Alexis Azria


Alexis Azria will be the first person to say that one of the many wonders of travel is gaining a sense of perspective. In addition to expanding one’s cultural and gastronomical palette, travel exposes us to the abundant beauty the world has to offer. As a dedicated mother, Alexis explores the global classroom as often as possible, passing on to her daughter how vital it is to learn from other peoples’ lives and never take anything for granted.

About Alexis Azria

As a speaker of four languages – English, French, Spanish and Italian, Alexis has the rare opportunity to go behind cultural curtains that most tourists will never experience. The combination of her easy going way with people and her linguistic skills have helped Alexis explore deeper levels of the human condition throughout her travels. As a result, Alexis knows first-hand how poverty, lack of education, and natural disasters can affect entire populations, making no distinctions. 

For that reason, Alexis’s philanthropic endeavors have primarily focused on helping organizations that strive to eliminate world hunger. She has always worked with groups that reject prejudice and seek to help people regain their dignity after hardship.  Rather than sitting idly, Alexis and her fellow human rights advocates endeavor to emphasize the characteristics that all people share and promote meaningful change in impoverished communities. 

Alexis is also a columnist, author and a frequent contributor to Reach Out Recovery and previously Focus Direction Recovery (FDR). Her articles emphasize safety for young adults, especially on college campuses and in corporate settings. In response to her FDR articles, Alexis created a multimedia program for high school seniors called Raising Awareness for Campus Assault, outlining the importance of being an effective bystander and learning the signs of predatory behavior.

Alexis is currently a resident of Manhattan, where she continues to support organizations that help people in need. 

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