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Family vacations are wonderful for creating memories and reconnecting with loved ones. However, planning a family vacation can be overwhelming, especially if you’re packing for little ones. Here are some great tips for preparing your luggage and bringing your children to their next adventure.

Start with a packing list

This will help you keep track of what you need to bring and make packing more efficient. Decide which items are essential and make a list of what needs to be packed in each bag.

Check the weather

Knowing your destination’s weather will determine what you will need to pack. 

Pack in advance

To avoid a last-minute rush, start packing a few days before your trip. This will also help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget any important items like your family’s passports.

Label everything

To keep track of your belongings, label all of your suitcases with your name and contact information. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of what’s in each bag. If your children are attending a camp at the final destination, label all their clothes, shoes and backpacks.

Pack a first-aid kit

This is always a good idea, especially when traveling with young children. Be sure to pack any prescription medications, insurance cards, a thermometer, child’s Tylenol/Ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, wipes, tweezers, bandaids and have a list of emergency numbers including doctors in your carry-on bag.

Bring snacks and small toys

No matter where you’re going, bring snacks for children. This will keep everyone happy and avoid any meltdowns due to hunger at the airport or in the car. Also pack small coloring books, crayons, travel games or headphones for older children to keep them busy.

Plan for your return

Be sure to pack a few extra baggies or containers for transporting souvenirs. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of space in your luggage for your child’s collection of sea shells!

Do a final inspection

Before leaving, do a final check to make sure you have everything you need. This will help avoid any stressful situations while you’re away from home.

Having a carefree family vacation is everyone’s dream, but planning and packing can sometimes be difficult. But with these simple steps from preparing to packing early, it will never seem like a daunting task again.